The print version of “The Gita In My HomeWork” is out

Taking a freshly minted book, smelling the pages, is sure a much different and satiating feeling than viewing an ebook on computer / tablet. I am delighted to let you know that the print version of “The Gita in My Homework” is now available for purchase.

How to purchase:?

The book is available on Flipkart at: 

The ebook on Amazon will be updated shortly!

The eCommerce Dreams – Let a Billion Startup’s bloom!

Amazon in talks to buy

Jabong for 1.2 billion dollars;

Flipkart raises 600 million

and is valued at 10 billion;

the two big headlines of

the past few days.


On the streets a different

war being fought -

The Uber, the OlaCabs,

and Taxi For Sure

pumping in an obscene

amount to squeeze the 

clueless auto driver 

off the street -

robbing him of his

daily bread and butter;


Several others raising

millions or being valued

in millions;

One reads these numbers

day in and day out

trying to comprehend how

much they mean in rupees,

and the mind boggles.


The Moguls of the industry

all rushing in with bags

full of cash investing their

fortunes into the new

cash cow – eCommerce.

reinforcing the view.


Traditional business,

brick and mortars,

getting sold off

for a pittance of 300 crores;

pitch that number against

3,725 crores and see

how small it looks.


The friend of 40 thieves,

rushes in with more than

40 bags, hoping to reap

more than what he sows;


eCommerce, Platform,

Marketplace, Pivot,

VC’s Investments,

Angel Funding, P/E,

ROI, Valuation,

and Profitability. No,

strike the last one out.

No one care’s about it anymore.


Nasscom 10,000 startups,

iSpiritProduct Nation


all urging you to start up,

Peter Thiel says go from

Zero to One;

Y-Combinator classes

showing how to do it.


Irrespective, the seduction

is complete; why would

one want to be an

employee when one

could make

millions – or is billions the

new normal – in a few years?


Create, Do Something,

Build Something, Act,

take the plunge;


While others caution

“it’s a bubble”

we have

seen several in the past

be wary;


But then look at it again,

Thousands of small

entrepreneurs blooming

on these new marketplaces

and thousands employed

by them, keeping the

economy moving and raising

the standards of living.


So, if it is a bubble

or a dream, let it be.


The whole world, they

say, is just a dream

of the Infinite One;

When the Radiant One

can dream, so can you



Let your dreams be big;

and let they come true;

Let the economy bloom;

let the poorest of the poor

benefit from it;

Let the Auto drivers

get onto Uber or TFS

and let a billion

start ups bloom


While they bloom

let them just not be about

chasing valuations or dollars;

let them be businesses that

make a difference;

and let the leadership be humane;

and let the new economy

be a transformational one

benefiting everyone


While playing with

your dreams, don’t

forget to keep in your


 the One

in whose dream

the whole universe is



Some Good News!

I am happy and delighted to share that this blog is now listed in Best Indian Blogs Directory at


For those who are already aware, this blog also features in Guy Kawasaki’ India’ Top 100 blogs as well


I think this is a result of blogging consistently over over a decade now.

Thanks to all of you, who have supported, left a comment, shared and encouraged me.

Don’t look into those eyes

Guruji, Chicago 2014

Guruji, Chicago 2014 ; Waiting to give the photographer the due credit!

If you want to
play safe;
If you want to
the status-quo;
If you are
afraid of

don’t look into those eyes

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Finding the Devi in the Mundane

The nine nights
of the Devi, a
time to dive deep
and experience
the presence of
the all pervading,
energy. A time
to wake up to
this awe-inspiring
For those who find
the journey within
difficult, the ancient
rishis had a simple
solution; to find
her presence in
the very mundane.

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The Thousand Names

Each one,
like a garland
of scented
ebbing and flowing,
in a rhythm
like a mountain river,
penned with
deep love,
kindling love
and devotion,
the thousand names
not enough
to describe the
infinite attributes
of the Radiant One!

Chanted and heard by
millions and millions
in the timeless, recurring
cycles of manifestation
and dissolution of the

As the white light
from a prism
forms a rainbow;
the Names,
a constant reminder
of the underlying
of Divinity in
this colorful,

As the rainbow
gets recomposed
and merges with
the white light,
so to, chanting
and hearing the
takes one back
to the source
– the effulgent,
Radiant, Loving One

Timeless Principles of Leadership

I wrote this article for the Indore Management Associations journal’s Commemorative issue published in Jan 2011. Haven’t been able to find a online issue of the same and I thought I will reproduce my article out here. It is pretty long, so you have been warned.

There is a consensus amongst thought leaders, that today’s management and leadership principles were not developed to cope with the rapid pace of changes we are seeing in our workplaces. The unremitting pace of work, the need to respond to emails urgently, the blurring of lines between work time and leisure time, the invasion of  Millennials in the workplace, the advent of social media etc.– the workplace does not look the same as it was say even 10 or 15 years ago. And we all know that the years ahead will bring even more transformations that we may have not yet thought of. So how do we prepare ourselves adequately for the times ahead? Are there any leadership principles that we can borrow that have stood the test of time? It seems like there definitely is a list of leadership attributes that have stood the test of time that we can definitely borrow to fool proof our leadership skills.

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