The print version of “The Gita In My HomeWork” is out

Taking a freshly minted book, smelling the pages, is sure a much different and satiating feeling than viewing an ebook on computer / tablet. I am delighted to let you know that the print version of “The Gita in My Homework” is now available for purchase.

The Gita In My HomeWork

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Dissolving into…

The 'Sadhana'
done with 
utter simplicity
and fondness;

for the love of it;
spreads its soft
quilt of love 
and grace and 
wraps one in its
dissolving one into
that timeless nothingness!

As Kabir said;
"Prem gali ati sankari
jaha mein do na samayi"

#10Dec2019; #Meditation #Kriya

Gita Jayanthi – 2019

I woke up today with an intense urge to do the Kriya. There are days when I do the Kriya and then there are days like today, where the Kriya comes rushing in, wanting to embrace me fiercely. The cycles of breath waiting eagerly…and then they course through me as I sit there, literally as a bystander.

The past few days of cold, fever, sore throat and general lethargy are purged away magically in those precious moments, infusing me with a general sense of well being.

As the cycles of Kriya ebb away, I am wrapped in a thick blanket of silence as the heart beat slows down to practically nothing. In that cocoon of silence and stillness, I sit for an eternity, waking up to the fragrance of grace and love.

And as has become a routine, a poem emerges from the depths of nothingness, waiting to be expressed. I scribble a lot of them on scattered notebooks all around the house, a few that I feel can be shared, make it online.

Today is Gita Jayanthi, If you haven’t read The Gita, I urge you to pick up and read chapter 10 today. It’s a chapter of breathtaking poetry, as Shri Krishna enumerates and enunciates his presence in all things animate and inanimate and comes right before Krishna grants Arjuna the Vishwaroopa darshan. The chapter ends where Shri Krishna tells Arjuna: Of what use is knowing all this? Just remember that I am and I support the entire cosmos with only a fragment of my being.

विष्टभ्याहमिदं कृत्स्नमेकांशेन स्थितो जगत्

The Song Of The Radiant One

The song He sang
continues to 
pulsating and
all through 
the Universe
since times immemorial;

in the chorus
of the birds
chirping at dawn;
and the cacophonous
calls when they
return back to their nests;

in that bright
early morning sun
that lightens up 
the entire world;

in the pounding
surf of the roaring
ocean waves;
that carry the broken
reflection of the shimmering
full moon;

and in the
fizzing sound of 
the shooting stars too;

Beyond the Nature,
that song plays
right through the din 
and clamor of 
our daily work
illuminating our path
to success;

If only...
If only we cared 
to stop and listen;
we would hear it
right within us;
coursing in our veins;
within every breath
as so-hum; so-hum;
the song of The Radiant One!

08-Dec-2019 #GitaJayanti #Poem #Meditation #Kriya

The Mind Wanders….

Hundreds of thoughts
float by;

The wanderer mind 
roams all over
and unexpectedly 
it's destination
in the heart;

Lured in
by the 
brilliance of
The Radiance within;
it dissolves;
in that mystical hues
only to emerge 
much later
emanating that 
faint fragrance
The Presence within!

#Nov 29, 2019. #Meditation 

Ripples of Happiness!

Caught in a vice like 
grip by the breath;
and rinsed over and 
over again;
in the cycles of 
so-hum; so-hum;
the mind dissolves 
into a vacuum of 

A soothing stillness
envelopes Me as time 
stands frozen!

In that ocean of nothingness;
a ripple of happiness cascades
for no reason at all;
it expands and grows;
now gushing; a cascade of waves;
drowning the heart 
in the ocean of grace!  

#Sanyam; #Meditation

The Aftertaste of Transcendence

In the dissonance
of the outer world;
the inner silence
enveloping all the
cacophony and the
noise in that
stillness within;

All I can hear
is my heartbeat
pulsating so very
itself in that
magnificent quietude;

A transcendental
beckoning me
to taste the indescribable
over and over again!

#Meditation 29Oct2019

The Inferno

 Washed over and 
 over with deep 
 the mind was
 still and quiet!
 Till, I watched Him sing
 “Radhe Govind”
 and it lit a fire –
 nay, an inferno -
 igniting every cell in my body!
 How does one douse this
 raging fire? 
 the deluge of tears 
 - of joy and bliss -
 are all exhausted 
 and the embers
 still burn in the heart
 emanating the fragrance
 of Love, Devotion and Gratitude! 

#Advanced Meditation Program; #BusyBee #Aug 122019
#Prashant Rajore