The print version of “The Gita In My HomeWork” is out

Taking a freshly minted book, smelling the pages, is sure a much different and satiating feeling than viewing an ebook on computer / tablet. I am delighted to let you know that the print version of “The Gita in My Homework” is now available for purchase.

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He let go of Billions of $ in Profits to save Millions from Death

Imagine you have a product that can make you at least $10,000 to $15,000 per year per person.

Imagine that you have a global market that absolutely needs a minimum of 10 million units every year.

Your product stands between life and death of the user.

Your cost of manufacturing that product is practically zilch.

Your competitors are selling that product at nothing less than $15,000 USD.

How much would you price it at?

For Dr. Yusuf Hamied, Scientist and Chairman of Cipla, the answer was very clear.

I am enrolled in a program offered by edx from MITx titled “U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society and Self” and one of the films I had to watch, as part of the program, was “Fire In The Blood”. This is one gut wrenching movie that I won’t be able to forget in a long time. It talks about a horrendous tragedy that could have been prevented, but for the insatiable greed of large businesses, their leaders and governments. It could have been a very dark movie, but it isn’t, for it shows that a small, handful of committed people, and most importantly, socially conscious business leaders, can indeed make a difference.

The film tells the story of how Western pharmaceutical companies and governments aggressively blocked access to low cost AIDS drugs to third world countries, especially, countries in Africa leading to the death of over 10 million people. As the documentary’s website puts it, it is an intricate tale of “medicine, monopoly and malice” and also highlights the improbable group of people who decide to fight back. This is a film that needs to be seen by everyone who works for large businesses to understand how the desire for insatiable profits harms the world.

While the 3rd world was being ravaged by HIV/AIDS due to the non availability of affordable medicines to treat the disease, the Pharma companies were not willing to drop the prices, and the US Govt working hand in hand with the pharma companies threatened to impose harsh sanctions on countries that import generics. The absurd patent laws were another barrier. This was a huge man made disaster that killed over 10 million people.

It was in this scenario, that Cipla was approached and they stepped in with a generic drug that contained a cocktail of 3 antiretroviral drug at a price point of less than a dollar a day. Dr. Hamied, chairman of Cipla, decided not to profit from the drug.Putting the issues of access and cost in the right context, he is quoted, as saying, “We are being humanitarian. But we are not doing charity. We are not making money, but we are not losing money either.”

Do yourself a favor, watch the film. This film isn’t about Dr. Hamied, but many conscious individuals, doctors and NGO activists who fought their way through to bring the medicines to Africa. I have picked Dr. Hamied out here in the context of my series on Conscious leaders. His responsiveness to the challenge was to expand his circle of concern to every human being suffering from this disease. He took a conscious decision not to profit from someone else’s misery.

There are lessons out there, on how a business leader by being socially conscious, can impact humanity, so much so, that apparently in Africa Cipla is a temple and Dr. Hamied is a God! Dr. Yusuf lays out one primary lesson that will serve us all well, that the purpose of business is just not to profit, but to respond to business situations, with awareness and with a sense of belongingness with the community at large irrespective of their nationality, color, religion or any other biases.

While businesses do have to make money in order to succeed, monetary benefits shouldn’t be the only driver. Serving others always takes higher precedence over everything else.

Thanks a lot Padma Bhushan Dr. Yusuf Khwaja Hamied, you do us all proud.

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(This is the second article in a series I am writing featuring Conscious Businesses and Awakened Leaders, under the tag: “Under The Bodhi Tree”)

Under the Bodhi Tree – Conscious Organizations and Awakened Leaders – 1

Thousands of years ago, a man sitting under the Bodhi tree, awakened to truth and brought peace and solace to millions of people with a message so easy to comprehend and so compelling, that it continues to inspire humanity centuries beyond his lifetime.

​If ​a single awakened human being has the potential to not only change the world but also inspire people for years to come, can awakened leadership build, sustain and transform organizations? ​

​I have been interested in finding what happens when a leader who is conscious or awake leads a for-profit organization. Do they impact the organization? Are there awakened leaders and organizations out there? If so, how do they look like? This has been a personal quest for me to read up about organizations and leaders who are aware or conscious and work with a sense of impacting not only the current but future as well. In this series, I wanted to share a few leaders and organizations that I think can be called Awake!

​So, let’s get two things out of the way first – definitions of conscious or awake leader and conscious business.

How do we define a conscious leader or an awakened leader?  While there are several definitions, the foundation rests on the premise that the individual is highly self aware and uses this self awareness for the larger good of all. While some of the definitions give a laundry list of what conscious leaders behaviour, I believe that having a high degree of self awareness and using it to serve everything around you, is a good enough definition.

​And what is a Conscious Business? I lean on Fred Kofman’s definition. He says “A Conscious Business seeks to promote the intelligent pursuit of happiness in all its stakeholders. It produces sustainable, exceptional performance through the solidarity of its community and the dignity of each member. A Conscious Business fosters peace and happiness in individuals, respect and solidarity in the community and mission accomplishment in the organization.

​The first organization that I wanted to write about is Patagonia. I stumbled upon Patagonia in one of the most ​implausible​ places – in a spiritual book authored by the Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh (do spend a minute of your time praying for his recovery) ​– and that piqued my interest to go and purchase the book – Let My People Go Surfing” by the CEO of Patagonia, Yvon Choinard.​

If you are in business of any kind, this one ought to be on your mandatory reading list. On both counts of conscious business and conscious leadership, Patagonia and Yvon score highly. The book, in a very informal and charming way, traces the journey from the roots beginning with a mail order catalog company selling climbing equipment, birth of Patagonia as an outdoor clothing company and the crux of the book, which talks about philosophy and values to building an organization that deeply cares about quality, product design, human resources and the planet.

I do not want to get into the review of the book, there are several available online, that can whet your appetite.

Of the several take-aways from the book, one thing that resonated with me was the philosophy of “leading an examined life”. Yvon has been a student of Zen and it’s no surprise to me that looking deeply forms one of the cornerstone of his philosophy.

Yvon writes: “Uncurious people do not lead examined lives; they cannot see causes that lie deeper than the surface. They believe in blind faith, and the most frightening thing about blind faith is that it in turn leads to an inability, even an unwillingness to accept facts.

​We can look at the results of the organizations, its longevity in business and the impact it has had on the community and the environment to say that this has really been a business built on true north principles and Yvon has shown the way how it can be done.

So far, so good. But then the test of the organization is what happens when the founders retire and a new CEO comes in. Read this interview of Rose Marcario, the current CEO of Patagonia to find out if the organization has stayed true to it’s philosophy or not.

Caveat: I haven’t worked at Patagonia or know anyone remotely associated with the organization. This article is based on the book and the news articles that I have followed on the web. And I don’t own a single piece of Patagonia clothing as well, the last time I was in NewYork and stepped into the store, I left without purchasing anything for they were out of reach for me. I am sure there are positive biases that creep in when people write their biography or when starry eyed journalists cover organizations, despite that, the philosophy of doing good and building businesses by asking the questions keeping the seventh generation in mind, is really about awakening ourselves. Thanks Yvon!

PS: If topics relating to Spirituality, Consciousness, ethics interest you, then come join the conversation at

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The eCommerce Dreams – Let a Billion Startup’s bloom!

Amazon in talks to buy

Jabong for 1.2 billion dollars;

Flipkart raises 600 million

and is valued at 10 billion;

the two big headlines of

the past few days.


On the streets a different

war being fought –

The Uber, the OlaCabs,

and Taxi For Sure

pumping in an obscene

amount to squeeze the 

clueless auto driver 

off the street -

robbing him of his

daily bread and butter;


Several others raising

millions or being valued

in millions;

One reads these numbers

day in and day out

trying to comprehend how

much they mean in rupees,

and the mind boggles.


The Moguls of the industry

all rushing in with bags

full of cash investing their

fortunes into the new

cash cow – eCommerce.

reinforcing the view.


Traditional business,

brick and mortars,

getting sold off

for a pittance of 300 crores;

pitch that number against

3,725 crores and see

how small it looks.


The friend of 40 thieves,

rushes in with more than

40 bags, hoping to reap

more than what he sows;


eCommerce, Platform,

Marketplace, Pivot,

VC’s Investments,

Angel Funding, P/E,

ROI, Valuation,

and Profitability. No,

strike the last one out.

No one care’s about it anymore.


Nasscom 10,000 startups,

iSpiritProduct Nation


all urging you to start up,

Peter Thiel says go from

Zero to One;

Y-Combinator classes

showing how to do it.


Irrespective, the seduction

is complete; why would

one want to be an

employee when one

could make

millions – or is billions the

new normal – in a few years?


Create, Do Something,

Build Something, Act,

take the plunge;


While others caution

“it’s a bubble”

we have

seen several in the past

be wary;


But then look at it again,

Thousands of small

entrepreneurs blooming

on these new marketplaces

and thousands employed

by them, keeping the

economy moving and raising

the standards of living.


So, if it is a bubble

or a dream, let it be.


The whole world, they

say, is just a dream

of the Infinite One;

When the Radiant One

can dream, so can you



Let your dreams be big;

and let they come true;

Let the economy bloom;

let the poorest of the poor

benefit from it;

Let the Auto drivers

get onto Uber or TFS

and let a billion

start ups bloom


While they bloom

let them just not be about

chasing valuations or dollars;

let them be businesses that

make a difference;

and let the leadership be humane;

and let the new economy

be a transformational one

benefiting everyone


While playing with

your dreams, don’t

forget to keep in your


 the One

in whose dream

the whole universe is



Some Good News!

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I think this is a result of blogging consistently over over a decade now.

Thanks to all of you, who have supported, left a comment, shared and encouraged me.

Don’t look into those eyes

Guruji, Chicago 2014

Guruji, Chicago 2014 ; Waiting to give the photographer the due credit!

If you want to
play safe;
If you want to
the status-quo;
If you are
afraid of

don’t look into those eyes

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