The print version of “The Gita In My HomeWork” is out

Taking a freshly minted book, smelling the pages, is sure a much different and satiating feeling than viewing an ebook on computer / tablet. I am delighted to let you know that the print version of “The Gita in My Homework” is now available for purchase.

The Gita In My HomeWork

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The Inferno

 Washed over and 
 over with deep 
 the mind was
 still and quiet!
 Till, I watched Him sing
 “Radhe Govind”
 and it lit a fire –
 nay, an inferno -
 igniting every cell in my body!
 How does one douse this
 raging fire? 
 the deluge of tears 
 - of joy and bliss -
 are all exhausted 
 and the embers
 still burn in the heart
 emanating the fragrance
 of Love, Devotion and Gratitude! 

#Advanced Meditation Program; #BusyBee #Aug 122019
#Prashant Rajore

When the heart speaks…

The heart calls
for me
to pause and listen
to it!

It speaks
a language that
my mind finds
hard to believe!

Dismayed by the
simplicity of the
the mind wanders
a more complex answer;

Theories and philosophies
each taking me deeper
and deeper into a
nothing that satiates
the mind!

Exhausted, it 
returns back to 
embrace the 
simplicity of the
heart's message -
that abounds with
unbounded contentment! 

The Seeking

The Seeking

It rained and rained 
last night;
soaking the parched 
a bright new day dawned;

The freshly washed trees
with raindrops glittering
like pearl-drops 
on their leaves
as the bright morning
sunshine spread 
its glistening rays!

The Azure blue sky
seemed like a canvas
scattered rainy clouds,
a lone eagle flying high
and the almost invisible
crescent moon of the eid;

The city had not yet woken up
despite - the occasional sound of a vehicle,
the chirping of birds,
and the whining of a squirrel nearby
- it was still a very quite morning!

As I took in the scenery,
the sounds and the smells
I set out on an 
unintended voyage 
to discover that "I"
through which I see,
I hear, I smell, I touch,
taste, think and act!

It wasn't a long journey either
to find that out that the "I"
that I was seeking,
was just not within;

In that blue azure sky;
in those sharp rays of the sun;
as well as that gentle moonlight;
in that pearl shaped raindrop;
in that chirping of bird,
the silence of the city
and flight of the bird
was that "I" 
- spread
all over and yet
within me too!

A deep dive in
ties the ends of the thread
the one within
and the one without! 

#Meditation #Kriya #Notes #June62019


Oh! How do I tell you
the cure for all
that ails you is 
right here,
right within
in that deep Stillness!

There is an unparalleled
beauty to sitting in silence;
and letting the heart 
dive deep into 
that crashing
waves of silence;

A million 
– aches and pains,
– fears and insecurities,
– emotions and turmoils
all dissolve and 
into the 
ripples of stillness;

The Stillness has cures
for all that ails you;
take the dive deep within!

#Poem #Kriya #Jan2019

The warm quilt of Love & Grace

The waxing moon
in the chilly Sankratri night
a little more brightly
right over the amphitheatre
cooling the dew in the grass;
Waxing and Waning
ever so often;
time and again
since eternity;
It knows the ebb and flow
of humanity!
It had seen them all –
The Saints and the Sinners;
The prophets and Masters;
The innumerable billions who
walked this planet;
And yet, today
The Recognition dawned!
One amongst billions
shines so bright
and that too
ever so rarely;
It danced in the sky
right above The Master!
Its luminous rays
ever so shining;
as if it had stretched its arms
to wrap itself
around The One
wanting to soak in
the warm quilt of
Love and Grace
that He had spread over!

The 4 (and a half) books that I spent most time with this year!

It’s that time of the year where the timelines are full of best books of 2018 or books to read in 2019. I have been a voracious reader, but something changed this past year and I have consciously stayed away from buying books liberally this year, despite being tempted so very often. On reflection, I realized that I spent most of my reading time with the following 4 books this year. 

  1. The Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living by Eknath Easwaran. I have been reading books by Easwaran for over twenty five years now. I have read this trilogy so many times that I suspect that I know it by heart.

1.5 If you don’t know it yet, I had authored an introductory book on Gita for kids titled – The Gita In My Homework – which is greatly loved by adults too. If you haven’t read the Gita yet, or want to introduce The Gita to your children, this is the book to reach out for.

2. Celebrating Silence by my spiritual master Sri Sri RaviShankar – we read a page every time we have a Satsang at home. Deep wisdom delivered in byte sized nuggets.

3. Love Everyone by Parvati Markus – this is a book about the stories of disciples of Neem Karoli Baba and how his grace and wisdom shaped their lives. It is on my kindle and I periodically go back to soak in the stories of deep love and unconditional faith. 

4. The Law of Success: Yogananda Paramahamsa  This thin book sits on my bookshelf right by the side of my bed as well as on my kindle and I periodically peep into it only to get inspired to go back and work hard.  

There are books that I read for professional knowledge or technical know-how or just ’cause of the hype – they are temporal, while these four on the other hand, are timeless and inspirational. I can go back over and over to these books and get something new every time I read them.

Loud Silent Sound of Eternity

Open eyed, in the world!
There is noise and cacophony;
The soundscape of everything
around us – the noise of the traffic,
people talking, phones ringing and
whatever else!

Eyes Closed in the midst of the world;
the chatter of the mind is louder
than the noises of the world!
Perpetual loud thoughts,
those desires and wishes
anger and regret and so on;

Sit still – there is the chatter of memory;
thoughts that just simply don’t go away;
like a stuck record player, screeching,
playing the same memories,
over and over again;

Watch as the intellect wades
into the arena
as a big brother;
trying to help
the chatter of mind and memory;
Making quick decisions on their behalf!
It screams – Do this, do that! Don’t do this, Don’t do that!

Sitl still and observe.
A step deeper – beyond this cacophony
– is the first ripple of silence. Calmness descends!
A few seconds of deep rest;
where the mind lets go and all the chatter,
the noises, desires and the decisions cease!

Don’t give up yet!
Wade a little deeper into the ocean of peace;
Wave after wave of absolute stillness crash onto the shore!
Not even a ripple of thought arises here –
as if the whole mind is washed away repeatedly
of all its impurities!

Beyond that, a step more,
is that effervescent joy;
Oh, how do I describe it?
A totally rejuvenating,
rapturous and beatitude!
swirl of energy;
deep within where the only sound
is the sound of
Peace and Love –
echoing ever so loudly –
Seek it!
That Loud Silent Sound of Eternity!
is right within!
Waiting since eternity for you to seek it!

#SudarshanKriya #Meditation 2Nov2018