Toys that teach

Far away from the world of Barbie’ and Picachoo’s, you can find eco-friendly, hand-made, non-toxic toys and educational material for your kids here.

In the contemporary educational system, learning consists of cramming facts sans understanding and questioning. There is no space for creative self-expression.

Adding a totally new dimension to education is Sutradhar, a Bangalore–based charitable trust. “Hundreds of groups and individuals have conducted in-depth research in educational communication and possess excellently-designed toys. But they are not reaching the public due to lack of exposure,” says founder-director, Mandira Kumar.

Sutradhar ensures that innovative educational material, culturally and socially relevant curricula, low-cost ideas for the education of the underprivileged, manuals and learning resources are disseminated amongst educational groups. Sutradhar functions as an ‘umbrella’ resource centre for more than 120 educational groups and NGOs across the country which make learning kits and educational toys for kids. It seeks to pool all educational practices, media, ideas and materials in the country, to facilitate easy access by schools and the public.


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