Difficult Conversations

It is, because, the lens through which the different stakeholders, the sponsors, the team members view the information are of different hues and shades.

Writing in the book Difficult Conversations, authors Stone et al write that:

..it helps to know why people have different stories in the first place. Our stories don’t come out of nowhere. They aren’t random. Our stories are built in often unconscious but systematic ways. First we take in information….Second we interpret what we see, hear, and feel; we give it meaning. Then, we draw conclusions about what’s happening. And at each step, there is an opportunity for different people’s stories to diverge.

In difficult conversations, too often we trade only conclusions back and forth, without stepping down to where most of the real action is: the information and interpretation that lead each of us to see the world we do.

It helps the Project Manager to ensure:
a) That everyone is looking at the same information.
b) Understand and realize what interpretations are being made.
c) Understand conclusions being drawn based on the interpretation of the information.


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