On Awareness

Via emergic, Martin Tobias has an excellent post on what it takes for entrepreneurs to succeed. This is brilliant stuff, Martin writes about being aware and being focused on the job at hand.

Awareness is also related to engagement. A CEO who is truly engaged in her market will become aware of the major moving parts over time. An engaged CEO will worry about what he doesn’t know about his customers, partners, product development life cycle, even purchasing patterns and expense reports. When you have a conversation with someone who is truly engaged with you there is an noticeable difference.
Focus on being aware of every aspect of yourself and your business. Your market, company, and investors will thank you!

You can take the entire post and related it to any job you are doing, this advice holds good. Here is what Martin is saying in a nutshell:

“Be aware.”

The concept of awareness or being present in the moment has been talked about by every great saint who has walked on this earth. Every Religion talks about this in some form or the other. One of the best ways of being aware or being in the moment is regular practice of meditation and kriya.

Eknath Easwaran writes:

In the Eyes of compassionate Buddha, all of us are sleepwalkers. We go through the motions of living with little more awareness than someone who is dreaming. If we could watch our thoughts, we would find that instead of being here and now, our attention is constantly wandering everywhere and everywhen else – to the past, to the future, to Never-Never lands that reality has never visited.

All of us want to be completely alive, to live one hundred percent in the present moment. What prevents us? More urgently, how can we bring such a state of mind about? One clue is provided by a penetrating remark by the great American psychologist William James: “The faculty of voluntarily bringing back a wandering attention, over and over again, is the very root of judgment, character, and will. And education which should include this faculty would be the education par excellence”.

In that one sentence we have the secret of life: the key to genius, to success, to love, to happiness, to security, to fulfillment. We live where our attention is. If our attention wanders all over the map, our lives cannot help being scattered, shallow, and confused.

By contrast, complete concentration is the secret of genius in any field. Those who can put their attention on a task or goal and keep it there are bound to make their mark on life.

This is the central theme in all religions: training the mind to be like a lamp kept in a windless place, where the flame does not flicker at all.

I wait eagerly for Martin’s next post on “How to test engagement and Awareness”


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