1) Why are we able to answer emails on Sundays, but unable to go to the movies on Monday afternoons?

2) Why can’t we take the kids to work, if we can take work home?

3) Why do we think the opposite of work is leisure, when in fact it is idleness?

4) Why do people have to stick to a career choice they made as an unprepared adolescent?

5) Why doesn’t money buy success if almost everyone measures their success in cash?

6) Why do billionaires greedily accumulate money, only to donate it to ethereal concepts such as world peace?

7) Why do we tell our employees that we trust them, then audit them and search them when they go home?

8) Why do we have a flock mentality and follow rams that turn out to be wolves?

9) Why do we think we are equipped to choose schools, doctors and mayors, but don’t trust our capacity to lead ouselves at work?

10) Why do we agree that living well is living every moment, without reinforcing past or future – but then spend most of our work lives dealing with historical data and future budgets?

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