Celebrating Meditation

We attended the Sahaj meditation course with Bhanu didi today. It was a great privilege for us that Didi came to conduct this course in our colony. It is as close as we could get to have Guruji visit us.

Bala-ji, Naveen et al came to our place and we had an improptu Satsang. End of it, Bala-ji requested that we read something on Meditation from “Celebrating Silence” and this is what we ended up reading, which was very apt topic for the day. Apt because, Sahaj is a mantram based meditation; and as with all the mantram based meditation techniques, the mantram is imparted by the Guru to the shishya.

On Discipline by Guruji.

“Initiation is called diksha. In Sanskrit, “di” means intellect. “Ksha” means the horizon or the end. Diksha means going to the end of the intellect – transcending the intellect.

Education is called Shiksha, the horizon of discipline – total discipline. Discipline is needed for education. Diksha is needed for meditation.

A teacher provides shiksha. A guru provides diksha. A guru takes you beyond the intellect to the realm of being. It is a journey from the head to the heart.

Blossoming beyond the intellect is diksha. If you do not go beyond the intellect, you will not smile, you will not laugh. Once diksha happens, you are happy, blissful and content and your thirst for knowledge is quenched.

Totality of discipline is shiksha. Totality of intelligence is diksha.


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