A Personal Story told exceptionally well

I have been introduced to the concept of Business and Organizational Storytelling by Rajesh, a few months back. Since then I have been following Steve’s writing on and off and very recently had the chance of picking up Squirell Inc. It still lies on my desk under a pile of to-be-read books. Very recently Rajesh pointed to Subroto’ Bagchi’ address to the IIM students.

It is a personal story, narrated exceptionally well.

TellingTalesMore than that, what triggered my interest was to corelate what Bagchi talked about, with what Steve writes about on story telling.

Bagchi’ speech is an example of a story that encompassed 5 our of the 7 narrative styles that Steve writes about (see image):
It communicates who the real Subroto is
It transmits values
It shares knowledge
It leads people into future and
It sparks action…..Go Kiss the World!


2 thoughts on “A Personal Story told exceptionally well

  1. Raj, What’s so great about the story that it finds mention out here on the blog? There are others who had to undergo much bigger misfortune and still made it big without showcasing their personal misfortune. This guy, if you read his speech closely, tries to exploit (as do the category of film stars, politicians etc) and present an emotional story. You should always look beneath the surface before praising anyone.

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