A hundred reasons for meditating daily

1. Transforms the quality of your life.
2. Enhances Physical well being.
3. Enhances social well being.
4. Enhances Emotional well being.
5. Reduces the level of stress (reduces Plasma Cortisol – the “stress” hormone)
6. Reduces cholesterol
7. Relieves anxiety.
8. Relieves Depression.
9. Increases anti oxidant protection
10. Enhanced brain function.
11. Increased mental focus
12. Enhances health and well-being.
13. No side affects
14. Reduces health care costs
15. Easy to learn
16. Easy to practice
17. Complete Rest
18. Tranquility
19. Centers you

20. Be in the moment
21. Be in the now.
22. See the God within
23. Enthusiasm for life
24. Joy
25. Creativity
26. Belongingness

27. A Gift of Silence
28. sharpens concentration
29. Helps deal effectively with stress
30. Releases deep reserves of energy
31. Transforms anger
32. Helps you leave behind painful memories and live fully in the present
33. Develop unsuspected capacities of insight and understanding
34. Learn to love more fully
35. Discover unique contribution to life
36. One Pointed Attention.
37. Slow Down.
38. Living in the Present.
39. Brings Clarity.
40. Benefits begin the very first day you start practicing.
41. Touches every sphere of our lives
42. Improves every sphere of our lives
43. Once you take to meditation, the life becomes clear says The Bhagavad Gita
44. Jesus said “The kingdom of heaven is within”

45. The Mind can heal the body
46. Gives us more energy.
47. Helps us sleep better
48. Restores a feeling of balance
49. Makes us feel younger, people who meditate age less chronologically
50. People who meditate have a 56% reduction rate in hospitalizations
51. Improves concentration.
52. Improves visual acuity.
53. Improves the function of the Immune System.
54. Promotes the healing process.
55. Decreased anxiety.
56. Increased alertness and intuition.
57. Selfdiscovery.
58. Meditation is Healthy
59. Is safe
60. Is cheap
61. Reduces panic attacks
62. Reduces fear

63. Peace
64. Contentment
65. Fearlessness
66. Unruffled mind
67. Is the best gift you can give yourself.

68. Lowers blood pressure
69. Eliminates fatigue
70. Improves memory
71. Improves clarity of thought
72. Increases creative thinking
73. Scientifically proven
74. A way to honor yourself

75. Regular Meditation is like cultivating a seed.
76. Self realization dawns
77. One learns to let go.

78. Is a good medicine
79. Reduces heart rate
80. Reduces blood flow to skeletal muscles
81. Reduces perspiration
82. Reduces muscle tension
83. Overall improvement in immunity.
84. Is like pushing a reset button to bring your body and mind to the optimal state
85. Spiritual awakening
86. Permeates to everyone within your sphere

87. Become conscious of, and familiar with our inner life
88. Affects our character deeply.

89. Is where the happiness lies.
90. Self actualization

91. Reach your true potential
92. You get to wake up early
93. Is for everyone whether 18 or 80
94. Is not religious
95. You get to hear the birds in the morning
96. Benefits far exceed the time you put in
97. Any form of meditation is useful.
98. Is not a fad – has been around for centuries.
99. Is not the same as positive thinking.
100. IT Works! Take it from me.


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