Learning Leadership

[Via SdMagazine] A PDF booklet titled “Notes on the Role of Leadership and Language in Regenerating Organizations”, available exclusively to the registered users of SD Magazine. This book emerged from the conversations between members of Paul Pangaro’s Developer Web Services team at Sun Microsystems and Dr. Michael Geoghegan, who devoted more than 25 years to research, development, and strategic planning at Du Pont.

Dr. Geoghegan helped the team examine their work in the context of Sun’s changing, highly competitive environment. In a market that raises many fundamental business concerns, he gave them ways of evaluating and regenerating their relationship with developers.

A sample:

The source of new language is questions –
questions that spark new conversations,
questions that create controversy.

Ask yourself:
What questions should we ask?
And more important, ask yourself:
What questions are we not supposed to ask?
(Ask those.)

Ask yourself:
Who aren’t we conversing with?
And then ask them:
What are your questions?

Ask questions that don’t come easily –
questions that are tough, awkward, even taboo.

Ask unnatural questions.


2 thoughts on “Learning Leadership

  1. Raj:

    Questions are the most important. Even for personal growth it is important to ask questions …. not necessary to always have an answer though.

    I am always learning and growing when I can ask or somebody asks me questions, I am now learning to ask as many questions as possible myself.


  2. Suhit, You are right. Asking Questions, the right one at the right time is a skill that needs to be acquired.

    If you look at Hindu mythology, one of the most fascinating Q&A session happens between the Yaksha and Yudishtra 🙂

    On a related note, check out a book called “Fierce Conversation” by Susan Scott (www.fierceinc.com) Rajesh has a copy of it, maybe u can borrow it.


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