Lest Ye Be as Little Children

My post on asking questions have generated a fair degree of interest in my readers and I have had a couple of interesting exchanges with a few of them.

Continuing the same thread, Prahalad and Hamel write:

Kids are naive. They don’t know what’s possible and what’s impossible. So they ask innocent questions (“why can’t you touch the stars?”) and hope for impossible things (“Why can’t learning be fun?”). Adults are smart. They know what’s possible and impossible. So they don’t ask silly questions and they don’t hope for impossible things. And they dismiss quizzical kids with a curt, “That’s the way it is.” But anybody who really believes “That’s the way it is”, anybody who is too lazy to ask, “why couldn’t it be different?” will never see the future. It is well known that personal creativity declines with age. As creativity falls, orthodoxy rises. The most precipitous fall in quizzicality takes place just after kids start school (Every first grader knows that a dumb question gets laughed at.) But occassionally a dumb question lifts the blinds of orthodoxy just long enough to let in a ray of light from the future.

So, what are the dumb questions that you have asked yourself and your team today?

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