Perseverance & the story of Vinod Khosla

How many self-help books you have read talked about perseverance?

— Plenty, right?

Okay, how many stories / anecdotes do you remember that talk about perseverance?

— ??

Here is one you won’t forget in a hurry. [Via Rajesh] Joe Kraus (founder, narrates a real life story on Persistence. Don’t miss out the link at the end of part 1 where Joe points to Vinod Khosla’ story.

Let me for a second take you back to Squirrel Inc, by Steve Denning, where Steve talks about narrating stories that transmit values:

· The leader establishes values through actions, particularly actions that deal with adversity.
· Values are transmitted by stories about the actions that have established the values.

Now go back to the story of Vinod Khosla, you see how clearly Vinod demonstrated the value of perseverance in action. It is awesome. If only I can internalize this and demonstrate this in action daily!


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