Art of Living

Guruji’ article on Human Values is here. Meanwhile, we have been fortunate to attend the Navarathri festival in bits and parts at the Ashram. The atmosphere during the nine days of the festival is festive, and electrifying, Guruji’ presence at the Ashram gives it a totally different look. A few photographs available here courtsey: Sumeru Solutions.

Coming up next month is a conference on “Corporate Culture and Spirituality“. The objective of the summit is to bring people from the world of business and spirituality together to address the needs of the business and see how spirituality can enhance corporate performance. The sessions at the summit have been planned to address the following issues:

* Challenging the concept that ethics and spirituality in business blunt the competitive edge

* Can an organization whose foundation is based on trust and ethical transacations create wealth through sustainable competitive advantage?

Interesting concept that was started last year and seems to be becoming a regular feature every year. One of the speakers listed in the conference, includes Bill Elkus, MD of the Clearstone Venture Partners, USA.


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