How many planets are needed to sustain you?

I guess it was Gandhi who said that "there is enough on the earth to meet everyone’s needs, not greed". Ever imagined how much of earth’s resources are you consuming every day and how many such planet’s would be required if everyone decided to live life, the way you do?

Bawa – an Art of Living teacher pointed me to take do a google search on "Ecological Foorprints". I took this simple test and it said 2.9!! 2.9 planets if everyone on earth decided to (mis) utilize earth’s resources the way I do.

What this test does, is that it calculates "the ecological footprints" that you leave behind. Simply put, an ecological footprint is the the amount of demad we put on nature. A population’s Ecological foortprint is the biologically productive area needed to produce the resources used and absorb the waste generated by that population. As is well known, the earth’s resources are limited and sustained over-withdrawal of resources will lead us towards catastrophe!

The site recommends a number of steps that we can take as an individual/as a society and as a nation to contribute to leaving this place a better place for our generations.


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