Go read these blogs

Postings over the next few weeks will be fewer. I am traveling to the US for two weeks….and am not sure if I would be
connected all through…..Meanwhile here are a few blogs worth reading.

Nirmala wrote about my blog in a posting last week, same
with Mike. Nirmala, as her blog heading says, writes on diverse areas: Life,
Spirituality, KM, Creativity, Innovation, Leadership, Branding &
Advertising, Books, People, Learning, Music, Poetry, Animals, Birds,
Philosophy, Mysticism, Paradoxes, Comics, Change Management, Culture, Travel,
and Cartoons. It resonates!

Mike’s blog is all about his experiences with Yoga and
Pranayam, I landed on Mike’s blog while searching for Art of Living and was
delighted to find pages dedicated to AOL, Guruji, SudershanKriya and Sahaj meditation.
Mike has done enormours research on Art of Living and presented his views wonderfully.

Next time, there is a discussion on Art Of Living and I need to answer stupid questions like Will you
convert me? Will I have to pray to Sri Sri? This is where I am going to point
to and give them Mike’ email id 😉 Mike writes:

I continue to be a practicing Christian, and my Art of Living experience has
strengthened my sense of being grounded and centered in my life.

And lastly Tony Rizzo’ blog featuring his forthcoming
book(?) – Robust Project Design(tm) – All the things that you were never taught
about modeling projects. Start reading in the order of archives for the postings to make sense.


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