Traits of Tomorrow’ Leaders

[Via Rajesh] Jeff Immelt’s address at Cornell University  and to the class of 2004 at Dartmouth makes compelling reading. I am currently at a client location and have gone out of the way to have these addresses printed out for me to read and re-read. Inspiring, motivational and thought provoking. Where are such thought leaders back home?

  • We need people to live in the world. To know what it feels like to pick up external trends. To be equally comfortable in Chicago, Beijing, and Paris — everywhere in the world — and who constantly have their antenna up to see what they can learn.
  • We need people who are really decisive and determined.
  • We need people with imagination, who know how to take risks.
  • We need people who are willing to try out new things.
  • We need people who are inclusive, who know how to engage everybody around the world, know how to engage suppliers and partners, and know how to engage joint venture people and others.
  • We need people that can learn and teach, whether you are 65 years old or 25 years old. The day you stop learning is the day you cease to become valuable in an innovative culture.
  • Lastly, and I think most importantly, we need people who can combine passion with process.

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