What’ new in US?

In my post earlier, I had written that I was travelling to US and the posts would be few since I wasn’t sure as to how well I would be connected.  How wrong I was! Connectivity was never an issue. All my earlier travels to US, I had primarily been dependent on vendors such as AOL or NETZERO to connect to the web from the hotel rooms.

This time round, I am in for a pleasant surprise. I no longer depend on wire-based connectivity, the buzz word these days is Wireless LAN and I am making full use of it. 

Imagine the comfort of posting a blog from your bed!

Having spent most of my time in this trip so far in the confines of a hotel, both in the east and the west coast, I have noticed two significant changes from my previous trip earlier this year:

a) the availability of high speed WLAN across all hotels that I have stayed in so far and
b) the X-box/Playstations in most of the hotel rooms.

I’m hooked onto the WLAN concept. How long before we adopt it back home in India?


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