Nightmare in South India

The latest events once
again put the focus back on the safety regulations in India. We break every conceivable rule in
the book and expect to get away with it. The latest death toll at least in some
parts of the country would have been lesser had we had a strict enforcement of
the environmental
which clearly say that people should not reside on beaches. Irrespective,
the sad part is that it is the poor fishermen who bore the brunt of the ocean’s
wrath. The need of the hour is not so much money as essential stuff such as non
perishable food, clothing and essential medicines (Antibiotics, Paracetamol,
Pain Killers etc). Those of you, who have friends/relatives in Chennai and don’t
know where to contribute, please reach out to the Art of Living Chapter in
Chennai. Some of the volunteers who can be reached out to are:

Swaminathan: 9884017767
Dr. Vijay: 9381015118
Dr. Chitra:

writes that had India been part of International Coordination
Group for Tsunami warning system, the toll could have been lesser. The Lankan
Govt has warned of another Tsunami wave hitting the coast within the next 24

NYT has an interactive display on the deadly

YardBoy points too this link!
I never knew that we were sitting on a tinderbox called Earth! There were 39
earthquakes ranging from 0.0 to 9.0 across the world yesterday! 

But I guess
the luckiest blogger alive is Nirmala who
returned from Andaman’s

For those of
us who cannot contribute directly or indirectly in mitigating the sufferings of
millions, let us have them in our prayers tonight!

Update: 28/12/2004: NOTE FROM ART OF LIVING

Dear All,

Our Volunteers have started working for disaster
relief in Tamil Nadu, Kerala  and other areas affected by tsunamis
triggered by the earthquake in Indonesia. Medicines, clothes, food and
other relief material are being distributed to the affected families.
We urge everyone to contribute and generously participate in this
relief work.

Over 500 volunteers are already involved in
collection and distribution of relief material immediately after the
disaster took place on Sunday. We hope to mobilise 5,000 people to
contribute to the relief activities.

We welcome food, medicines,
clothes and financial assistance. Cheques can be made in favour of
IAHV-Disaster Relief Fund (address: Mr Joseph Enok, Old no 43, new no 24, Park Road, Anna Nagar West Chennai 600101)

Donations are exempt from tax under Section 80 G of Income Tax Act, 1961.

For enquiries, contact: Raji Swaminathan Tel: 9841017767

UPDATE FROM SAJA: For those outside India and do not know how to contribute, here is the way forward:


5 thoughts on “Nightmare in South India

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  2. We are also trying our best to send help to Cuddalore..
    My post on that is up.. will link to you too.. will be of great help…

    My aunt and uncle just returned from Andaman a week before the disaster.. I am counting my blessings..

  3. Deal All,

    I want to know address of the tsunami relief fund office at chennai. actualy i wanted to send some cloths from our charitable trust. please let me know about ur perfect address at chennai.

    thanks you

    awaiting your reply

  4. Please tell me where I can send non-perishable food, and clothing. Do you need Tylenol for pain also or anything else I can send. Please send me an address where I can send boxes. Thank you and I send prayers for all the survivors and people who lost loves ones. Paula Yanek

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