Say NO to FB engagements

The first three projects that I worked on in my career were a failure. I remember that my organization actually paid money to cancel an engagement. This was way back in
the early nineties. I made the shift from being a purely hands on technical guy to Project Management and have had my share of successes and failures in managing projects. A recent engagement of mine has run into rough weathers. It is a classic case of Fixed bid engagement going wrong. Thankfully, since I am employed by a large IT vendor, we continue to absorb the losses. Moreover, our philosophy has been to deliver to our commitments irrespective of the fact that the customer has contributed to this mess by not honoring their end of the commitments.

I have had a fair share of lessons learnt in this particular engagement that I am putting together for my consumption. But this post is not about lessons’ learnt. It is about Fixed bid engagements.

Nayima has two papers 1
and 2 on FB
engagements with Agile that make compelling reading. 

Also Nick Malil’s
weblog on “The
tyranny of Waterfall in RFPs
” is an excellent read.

Do you know
of any resources relating to FB engagements and how to make them fail-proof?


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