Tsunami Relief Update

To streamline the relief work and communication at Bangalore, a group of volunteers coordinators has been set up to monitor the operations.  These members
are in direct touch with the IAHV Disaster Relief team in Chennai and
will have the updated information on the requirements at various relief

Ravi (Malleshwaram) – 94487-02121
Subramanya A.M (Subbu Jayanagar) – 98443-07907
Murugendra – 98451-86775
Yadav – 98455-29251

All are requested to contact
only the above mentioned coordinators for any relief-related queries.

Update: The most compelling need of the hour is potable water.


2 thoughts on “Tsunami Relief Update

  1. I would like to donate some clothes, medicines and apparels from Kolkata for teh people in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

    Who can I give the stuff to in Calcutta so as to ensure they reach to you guys on time.

  2. Are there any people form your organisation collecting donations in mumbai?
    If so, please would you e-mail me their contacts.

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