If you want to buy a book….goto the bookshop

I bought
books from Amazon quite a few times, but had them shipped to India only three times. Twice they were lost in transit and Amazon replaced it free of cost. No Questions asked. Great service! I usually place the order using the cheapest shipping option
and it typically takes 7-15 days for books to reach me in Bangalore. Since the last two experiences
where Amazon chose to reship the books lost in transit, I have been wary of
placing any orders on Amazon for the fear that If the books get lost again in
transit, they make start thinking that I am making a business out of it.

Closer home, Fabmall does
a good job and I have done a fair bit of purchases on fabmall, but the quality
of service does not come anywhere near Amazon. I recently ordered two books on
Fabmall – let’ call them book A and B.

Shipping time for both of them 3 days…..

Day 5:
Status shows being processed. 

Day 7, Two
calls and one reminder later, they decide to ship out book A (Book B is not
with the publishers)

Day 8: Book
A arrives….surprise, surprise….it is not what I ordered for…. 

Day 9:
Couple of calls….and an email ….they send a courier to pick up the book for

Day 16: The
person at 51303030 says, Sir, I am shipping both the books together.

Day 17:
Book A – what I did ordered for – does arrive. Where’s book B?

Today is
Day 18, no sign of book B….status shows being procured…..I no longer have the energy
to call 51303030 and talk to them. I won’t cancel the order…..I want to see the
elapsed days for it to arrive!

BTW, Book B
was a gift to my wife and I had put in a note to my wife along with book. She
has received the note two times already and is waiting for the third one…ie.,
if they ship out the right book.

I understand that not all publishers and book sellers might have automated system in place to talk to Fabmall. And I believe that  despite all the coordination job that these folks have to do with publishers, Fabmall is doing a good job….I do however wish that they do devise a mechanism of reflecting accurate status availability.

Update: Day 23: fabmall cancels the order and initiates a refund!


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