The miracle @ Tiruchendur

TiruchendurTake a look at this temple in the picture. It is the Tiruchendur temple right on the coast in Tamil Nadu. I wrote about it in my previous post that it escaped the Tsunami. I have been told that the normal sea waves come as close as 100 metres of the temple in normal times. Looking at the wide spread devastation caused by the Tsunami waves, my rational mind cannot understand as to how this temple can escape.

This temple – dedicated to Lord Murugan, the second son of Siva – is in fact a cave, with the entrance at the sea level and the cave slides down to the sanctum sanctorum of the Lord Subramaniam (Murugan). When one stands in front of the deity, the sea water level outside is higher than our heads. It is mentioned in the history of the temple that the water god (Lord Varuna) has promised Lord Murugan, that he would not cross the boundary of the temple. It seems that the Water God has kept his promise.  While the Tsunami lashed and inundated almost all the places near the coast, it did not enter the temple.  On the contrary, at 10.00 hours on the fated day, the sea near the temple receded by a Kilometre – the people could see a big crater with rock formations visible – gradually the sea came back to its original level. But the sea water entered areas nearby the temple, all the coastal areas near Tiruchendur were affected.

To me it is yet another manifestation of things beyond the comprehension of our rational minds.

This post comes courtesy Jayan Moorkanat.


8 thoughts on “The miracle @ Tiruchendur

  1. Oh come now. Any rational mind will simply look at the geography of the land, the height at which the temple is built, and the foundations on which it was built. There is nothing miraculous about anything here. Why are you so easily misled?

  2. I agree with jack.. nothing divine abt it.. its geography.. plus when tsunamis rise.. the water is supposed to subside first.. so may be the water actually fueled the surround tsunamics depending on the topology of the area..

  3. guys understand the sea water entered the places around Tiruchendoor the bustop, the market but not the area near temple..100s of miracles happened and happening out there..visit once read the temple walls, you get to know.. its beyond our imagination and science…it not me our villages, there are many miracles the British had documented inn gazette and even few Muslim brothers.

    Rational thinking brain should not accept any without science, if science couldn’t explain , it accepts!

    • a core devotee had lost her silver vessel one day in Trichendoor sea waters, she was sad and returned home .The next year she goes to the temple, takes holy dip in sea waters and the same silver(pure silver) vessel settles down on her hand..!!

      Can the rational thinking mind answer this? after one year, how the same vessel was collected from sea water ? By the way She is not a magician but a normal lady!!

  4. Whenever miracles happen particularly connected with Hindu Vedas and culture..there will be group of people oppose that and searches for scientific reasons….ancient Hindus are well knowledged in science and built a temple exactly in a perfect geographical location as per divine nature.thiruchendur temple and thirunallar Saturn god temple are the perfect example…thirunallar temple is exactly located in a angle where waves of planet Saturn reaches earth..hindu Vedas and the divine power of the temple is not a joke and imaginary stories.

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