Essence of Meditation

Ramesh Baleskar on Meditation in his book, "The One In The Mirror":

Meditation is not traversing along a path leading to an imagined bliss of some sort. Meditation actually happens when the mind watches the flow of life, seeing and listening without opinion, without any judgement, wholly attentive to the movement of life in all relationships. This could happen throughout the day, not necessarily when you sit in a particular posture trying to stop the movement of the mind by various means, internal and external, such as controlling the breath, reciting a mantra or counting the beads of a rosary. The essence of meditation is watching the movement of life in relationships without judgements.

So well thought of and so clearly articulated. Being in meditation brings total awareness to the moment. Guruji in response to a question was talking about 5 niyamas (rules) to be observed. The first one was Ahimsa or non-violence. Every cell in your body should be filled with Ahimsa, your thoughts, your spirit, your body…everything ….and here I was today morning cursing every other motorist on my way to work…and my mind kept on going back to what Guruji talked about yesterday….at least I was aware where my mind was flowing.

Moving on, I really like this little book by Ramesh-ji. It is a book that needs to be read, one quote at a time…..slowly, chewed and digested and internalized…..another quote:

"…when you buy a new house or car, you can consider the cost in terms of what price you have paid, or more realistically, in terms of how large a portion of life you had to expend to acquire it…"

I have apportioned another 20 years of my work life to acquire a roof over the head recently. We move into our own house next week, the Griha-pravesh pooja is on this saturday. There will be no posts over the next few days.

I feel like ending the post with a prayer
                                                         "Loka Samasta Sukhino bhavantu"

May all living beings in all the worlds be happy.


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