NH-7: A few observations

I love driving and we did Bangalore-Hyderabad by road this time. I have done plenty of driving on the highways and this is the 3rd time I was doing this particular stretch. NH-7 is a good road to drive on especially between Penukonda and Hyderabad, though the same cannot be said of the stretch between Penukonda and Chikaballarpur. We had two near misses on the way back.

The work that was started couple of years ago on widening of the highways has come to a halt and that too abruptly. You will know what I mean when you do the stretch between Bangalore and Chikaballarpur. While the roads have been expanded near Yelhanka and Shamshabad, for most part NH-7 is a two lane road and driving at night against the oncoming Volvo buses is like staring at a monster coming at you every 5 minutes!

A few observations:

  • There seems to be an organization called SEDS that seems to be doing lot of work in eco-restoration and rural development in Anantapur district. Does anyone know more of this organization?
  • Reliance has opened up quite a few petrol bunks and the service is courteous and the prices a rupee cheaper than what you buy in the city! If only they can add a food chain along with their bunks…
  • The road traffic on NH-7 during the nights is quite high! Wonder what the low cost Airlines and Railways are doing to attract the traffic.
  • It is astonishing that while the cities – Hyderabad and Bangalore – are bursting at seams, the towns even as close as 50kms from these cities, do not seem to have proper infrastructure. Imagine the potential of growth if proper roads are laid, airports built and connectivity established! Wouldn’t it reduce the burden on the cities?

One thought on “NH-7: A few observations

  1. LOLOL well that is why we avoid riding or driving in the night.. otherwise.. we live to ride and drive across the country… first rule..

    that is why country roads are much better than highways..

    only exception in night riding and driving is that you can negotiated better on the ghats.. since the lights tell you that the vehicles are coming from far off unlike during the day..


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