Paradox for Knowledge Workers

[Via Sadagopan] Paul Allen writing in Connect Mag says:

The paradox for knowledge workers is
this: the more time you spend in gaining knowledge, the less time you
have to apply it. The reverse is also true. We must strike a proper
balance between learning and doing. Most people have their nose to the
grindstone. Very few spend enough time, energy and money in a quest to
gain and process knowledge. But maybe the Web can change this. With the
Web, each of us can make a list of all the experts in our field and
track their every move and their every word.

With modern knowledge tools, each of us
can design our own lifelong learning curriculum  including books,
articles, Google news alerts, TV programs, and audio programs and
seek to become experts in our field and in our particular occupation.

This is sound advice and however much we tend to get caught in the day to day grind, it pays to devote some time to enhancing career development skills and as Allen rightly says, with so many tools at our disposal, it will be foolish not to sharpen the saw daily!


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