A Solar Lantern for a deserving student. Wouldn’t you contribute?

ProPoor’s weekly newsletter had an appeal for donation:

Small donations needed to cover the cost of a solar lantern ($100) 
for a 15 year-old boy named Murali, the son a fruit-seller in
Chennai, who is often seen studying under dim streetlights.
His father has passed away, and his mother uses her meager
earnings to send her three sons to school.

For some reason, I felt like responding and Smita Jain - a
volunteer for ProPoor - responded back. In her own words

I actually live very close by to the fruit-stand where
Murali's mother works, and saw Murali near the stand one night.
I've spoken extensively to the mother, and find that she is a fine,
hardworking woman with three hardworking sons. (the fact that all
of them are in school -- and studying -- amazes me!) She makes just
enough to feed them all, and send the boys to school.

The solar lantern costs ~100$, and myself and a friend of mine named
Dipti will be contributing some of the costs. Dipti is actually the
one who took on the issue and brought up the idea of providing a
solar lantern for Murali. These lanterns are made in Auroville.

Since I live closeby to them, I will be coordinating the effort, so
feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts.

If you are interested in contributing, please reach out directly to
Smita Jain or to Dipti Vaghela

It takes a lot of compassion to feel the pain and suffering of others
and it requires dynamism to step out of one' boundaries and to do
something for others.

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