Offshoring, exciting and new. Come aboard, we’re expecting you.

Talk about
offshoring … Roger Green and David Cook, two San
Diego tech
execs are taking the term literally. The two plan to
purchase a secondhand cruise ship, populate it with 600 of the brightest
engineers they can find, and then park them all in international waters three
miles off the coast of El
Segundo, thereby avoiding
H-1B visa hassles while still exploiting offshore labor costs. Oh, and the
engineers? They’ll be given all the amenities a cruise ship has to offer:
private rooms with baths, meal service, laundry service, housekeeping and access
to on-board leisure-time activities. "Engineers can be kind of quirky in some
ways, but they can be really productive if you give them the right setting," Green
. "We think we’re going to be putting them in the
perfect setting. Very few distractions. They’ll be with
similarly motivated people who are really interested in advancing and doing this
engineering work. It’ll be this perfect place for getting engineers to


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