Squeeze us a little more, dear FM

The Economic Times has a front page story on "File Records and Keep the Taxman away". The Income Tax folks have picked up my credit card spending for the year 2003 and have asked for tax returns and statement of accounts (wonder what this means though!). As if one notice wasn’t enough they decided to follow with one more within a span of five days!

I want to go and shake the taxmen and tell them, I have only one source of income – unlike you folks – that you guys tax even before it reaches my bank. I file my tax returns well in advance every year, I pay my advance taxes (if any) on time….so why pick up salaried folks like me and harrass us? There are better pickings out there which would wipe the fiscal defecit of this country, what have you done about them?

On a related note, did you notice as to how quickly the news relating to scams vanishes from the front pages within a week?


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