Here’s more evidence that Meditation

extends your lifespan.

Webmd features the same report and asks a great question, Which (meditation practice) works best?

Answering the question, it goes on to quotes Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer, PhD, who has written three books
on the "mindfulness" technique. Ellen says it is unlikely that one meditation
conveys more health benefits than another.

"Rather than saying that something doesn’t work, I would say that
there are data out there to suggest that most of these techniques do
work," she says. "There may be as many forms of meditation out there as
there are flavors of ice cream. Whether one is better than the other
depends on individual taste, but overall they are all basically going
to give you some of the sweetness that you desire."

For me, my practices with Art of Living have been enormously helpful and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the same.


3 thoughts on “Here’s more evidence that Meditation

  1. Even i did some meditation, ofcourse not for de-stressing but for the sake of learing hynotism 🙂

    I practised freeing the mind from thoughts … believe me its not that easy and facile . but once u achieve a 10 min stretch thought-free state, u feel very light and happy

  2. Hypnotism is not the same as meditation. One concentrates in hypnotism, while meditation is the process of letting go.


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