Every deep desire is a prayer

The Bhagvad Gita for daily living by Eknath Easwaran has been my companion for months now. I relish reading a few pages from this three volume set every night before I go to bed. Of all the books I have read, this three volume set stands apart for a lucid and crystal clear explanation of the Gita written for the modern times.  Easwaran writes:

Every deep desire is a prayer. In the deepest levels of our consciousness all of us are praying constantly, and when the prayer is intense enough and consistent enough, we will live out our lives in such a way that that prayer is answered. The difference is in what we pray for. If we worship the gods of the sense-world – wealth, power, pleasure, status – we will get more and more caught up in the world of change. Every day we will play the old game with the mirror: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, how am I doing?" And more and more often the mirror will reply, "Not so hot". But if we try to give all our love to the Lord of Love, Sri Krishna reminds us, we will gradually become unaffected by any change, even the great change called death.


One thought on “Every deep desire is a prayer

  1. Shambala cards works for me the same way.. each card you pick has sch realistic thought… 🙂

    Prayer is just another way to reach within yourself to the light source.. sometimes its with desire sometimes its with surrender… 🙂

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