Interminable WorkDay!

[Via Sadagopan] A link to an AP story on "interminable workday". Not sure how many of you feel the same way, but the average workday seems to be bordering on the insane…and the word is right – interminable – with the never ending calls, emails and compressed schedules.

Interestingly, very recently a colleague and I took actual execution data from a few projects and looked the schedule compression that was achieved. While industry standards/benchmarks talk of not compressing the schedule below 0.85 percent, we have seen that most projects were compressed and executed with as high as almost 50% schedule compression. Now if that doesn’t add to stress, I am not sure what else. Imagine doing a planned days job in half a day and not only that, but continuing doing it day after day for months together.

Coincidentally [Rajesh] points to a very poignant story of an of a person who gave his all to work earlier this week.

I would be keen to hear how you folks deal with this interminable workday and how do you balance the work-life scales?

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One thought on “Interminable WorkDay!

  1. okay once upon a time.. stress was the key word of a work day..

    today… maybe because of what I practice.. it has made me see a little outside work and I appreciate my work and like the pressure but I know it has its place and time and that time the adrenalin flows for you to go ahead…

    but I have stopped myself … going over the top when i can.. and learnt when to take a break… and work life is much more easier to deal with..

    Its still under experimentation I would say but it is not doing any harm…

    do my work… go home and totally forget about it.. lead my life .. that way I am happy and my work also does not suffer.. .

    hmmm also stay away from office politics… works wonders… 🙂

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