Stormy Seas

A routine visit to the family physician the other day turned out to be more than just routine…..A suspected  prognosis, that does not look so good. I have a follow up with a specialist tomorrow evening. When I heard the possible causes from my doctor, I turned pale…didn’t knew what to do….instead of continuing to the office, I just drove back home. I was worried, gloomy and upset and spent the whole day at home.

None of my responses did me anygood…..I could be sitting at home and worrying myself …but how would it change the reality of the situation? So, I shrugged it off and continued with my normal routine. It was time to check Blue Mountain for the quarterly journal. I was pleasantly surprised to read the latest issue (summer 2005) of the journal, it was as if someone sat and collated it for me. Reading the journal lifted my spirits.

Christine Easwaran in her introduction to the journal writes:
"How short life is? Too short not to love, too short not to care. This has a direct bearing on daily life. People who are selfish forget their mortality. People who remember their mortality – and the mortality of all those around them – have no time to be unkind, no time to be selfish."

Easwaran writes:
"For it is in the mind, that the storms of life really blow. What matters is not so much the turmoil outside us as the weather within…….Life graciously provides us with innumerable little incidents like this, which instead of irritants can become opportunities for spiritual growth."

I just hope and pray that the suspected prognosis turns out to be false and this turns out to be blessing in disguise.


One thought on “Stormy Seas

  1. well let me tell you this from whatever little experience i have…

    when you are faced with a challenge which might be life threatening.. it is time you took stock of yourself and dregde up all the strength that you have to face it head on…

    praying that it is false does not help since it is what you will have to go through…. call it the testing time of a soul.. thats why we choose this at one level to cross one level after the other…

    Pray for strength to overcome this and the courage to move forward.

    I shall pray for you too… and hope that you do not have to go through what you are dreading…. but dread is what makes that situation a karmic debt… in whatever form and the next ball that will roll will be much bigger than this..

    maybe its trial time for you.. maybe its time for you to reflect and work on yourself…

    Work on yourself and bring on the strength to face what you have to.. if necessary

    and if the law of grace is in your side… it will slide you by with the lesson that you need to learn….

    Law of Karma is always greater than the law of grace..

    May peace and the light help you through this…

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