Story Telling and PM

[From ASK overview]NASA Academy of Program and Project Leadership (APPL) publishes a magazine called ASK, which is available for online viewing. The ASK Magazine grew out of APPL’s Knowledge Sharing Initiative. The stories that appear in ASK
are written by the ‘best of the best’ project managers, primarily from
NASA, but also from other government agencies and industry. These
stories contain genuine nuggets of knowledge and wisdom that are
transferable across projects. Who better than a project manager to help
another project manager address a critical issue on a project? Big
projects, small projects — they’re all here in ASK.

Bill Townsend, Deputy Director at NASA’s Goddard Flight Center, shares his experiences in the latest issue of ASK:

When I read the following sentence:

"When minority opinion isn’t valued, people are afraid to speak up, and
they end up giving in to conformance pressure even though they know
there’s a problem. So I wanted to make sure that I took the time to
hear the dissenting opinion."

it stuck me that I too have been guilty of not soliciting and seeking out opinions from the minority. Should remember this.


One thought on “Story Telling and PM

  1. hmm minority is always nudged out by the management.. thats why useful suggestions come rarely… maybe they know that it would do them well to shell out their opinion where it matters and not where it is ignored..:)

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