Turning Dreams to reality against all odds

There are the dreamers and then there are the doers. This post is about one such person – Dr. Prakash Vinjamuri. An incident in his life early on changed his entire perspective towards life. The result was the birth a dream, a vision that believes in developing informed citizens, so that we have a just society where individuals enjoy good health as a right. 6 years ago, the vision took shape of the form of Life-HRG (Life Health Reinforcement Group)

Life HRG completed 6 years of existence recently and Dr. Prakash was kind enough to email me a report on all the activities they did in the past year. Unlike other NGO, Life-HRG does not have a presence of its on the web though a tripod site does exists, this is a modest effort on my part to summarize their activities out here.

Life-HRG conducts 9 regular activities

1. Urban Clinics run by members of Life HRG – ethical and cost effective health care services are available through these clinics.
2. Rural Clinics: Run every alternate Wednesdays, they primarily serve to limit exploitation and to deliver appropriate health care and to learn what is happening in health care delivery in rural settings.
3. Banana health point: A hunger dispelling and health communication vehicle runs on the principle of sharing food and health information.
4. Mother as Teacher Training Program: An exercise for development of informed citizens in the area of health.
5. Life Discourses: Conducted on every third Sunday of the month, eminent citizens share values and life experiences.
6. Health Days and Annual Day Celebration: Life HRG believes celebration of health days as an opportunity to update and spread message of importance on that day.
7. Community based rehabilitation of the Aged – Life-HRG is convinced that health services should reach doorsteps of aged people. Services are delivered to identified aged people from neighboring slums.
8. Drug Action Forum: Continuous medical education for general practitioners and health personnel for practicing rationality in drug usage.
9. People working with People Forum: A forum to support individuals who opted to work for the society.

Apart from this, Life HRG also has health units that have outreach to the districts surrounding Hyderabad.

1)Women Health Unit:
a. Clinical Services for Women.
b. Resource Center on Contraception and abortion
c. Congregation point for MTTP volunteers
d. Day care center for women
e. Outreach: Medak district.

2)Parent Health Unit:
a. Training and Development Center
b. Resource center for Rationality in Drug Use.
c. Resource center for promotion of Health care of the Aged.
d. Proposed Out Reach: Nalgonda District

3) Amrutha Child Care Institute:
a. Tertiary Health Care Services for NeoNates, Infants and Children
b. Training and Development unit for emergency pediatric care
c. Nutrition rehab unit for children
d. Outreach: Warangal District.

As I mentioned earlier, Prakash gave up his full time practice to bring his dream to a reality and as is true with any such causes, resources – financial and otherwise are hard to come by. All of you who are reading this post and want to make a difference at the grass roots, this is a good opportunity. The money would be put to good use and unlike other NGO’s they operate at negligible overhead cost, so what it means is that the money you donate, goes straight to causes mentioned above. Those willing to support Dr. Prakash in his endeavors can reach out to him at lifehrg@gmail.com or at 040-56550140 9848669840


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