NJ Blues

I am in a very foul mood today…..here I am thousands of miles away locked up in my room …trust me not being able to drive in this country (USA) is as good as spending your time behind bars….I have three days to pass before work resumes till then I need to figure out what to do….so bear with me till I vent out my anger via this post.

What’s up with the services industry these days? Three instances across the globe!

Two days before starting from India, I called up my mobile operator to ask them to activate my international roaming facility. The first rep who picked up the call told me to drop in an email requesting this facility and it would be done. I did it immediately and called back 2 hours later to check if it had been done, another rep picked up the phone and said, the process is we need to go through a verification process before it gets activated! And I was like, what verification? That too for an existing customer? I have been a customer (post paid) for the last 2 years, they send bills to my house…I did not default on any payment…so what more verification would you want to do? Anyway, the next day a guy turns up at my house to verify if I stay there….ok…that evening while leaving Bangalore, I call them again and the rep goes through the entire history and says "sir, the verification report has not yet been entered into the system, as soon as it is done the roaming would be activated" OK…30+ hours later I switch on my cell phone to discover that the facility is not yet active….I ask my brother to call them and now it seems that they want to verify where I work…they need a letter from my employer….I mean how much more ridiculous can it get….the next thing they would want to verify If I really travelled to US and maybe they will send a rep out here….BTW here is this incredulous letter from their corp office:

Hi Mr.Raj,

Greetings from Hutch.

We  wish to inform you that we have received your official address from your brother and the same will be updated on your Hutch account and the reverification will be initiated on the same.

We also wish to inform you that the International Roaming facility will be activated on your Hutch account once the reverification is positive.

We trust the above information will suffice.

Please feel free to mail us at corprelations.kar@hutchindia.com or call us at 333 (Toll Free) from your mobile for any further assistance.

With Best Regards,

Corporate Relations

Moving over, from Hutch to Sify…I ordered a book on June 20th. Sify promised to deliver it within 3 to 7 days. Today is July 2nd. No signs of where the book is…the only response I get from Sify is that the order is in process! Buddy, I can see that myself when I log in….what else can you tell me?

But then it does not end here…..I fly down & check in, into a 3 *** hotel here – I pay a slightly higher rate so that the hotel has a restaraunt that serves decent breakfast – my one proper meal of the day. I check in on thursday night and try to check my mails, the wi-fi signal does not seem to be working. I call the front desk, only to be told it can’t be fixed before 9 in the morning…..Oh well…next day morning….I go to the restaraunt only to find it closed for renovation….and the internet does not seem to come up even till the evening….thank goodness that the hotels are in a cluster out here…I tell the manager that i did not like it out here and move to the next door one with better connectivity…..only to discover that the phone in my room not working……..luckily it got set right early…..some start to this trip….I just hope it does not spill over to my work-area!!!!


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