Pot calling …..

Image09Enroute to the office today, on HAL road (connecting Old Madras Road to Airport Road) an RTO van stopped the Auto that I was travelling in to do a pollution check! Great, except that the folks doing the check did not have any equipment with them to measure the pollution. A guy comes to the auto, asks the driver to rev up the accelarator, looks behind for exhaust and asks the driver to step out with the documents. Reminded me of the incident where the police constable checks if one is drunk or not by smelling….

Image10Anyway, what I found astonishing was the total lack of respect for the law by the authorities. Their vehicle was parked right on the road in a no-stopping zone. If you or I stop our vehicle on this piece of road, where this RTO vehicle is standing, we would be fined.

A couple of photo’s from my cell phone, the guy in the cap is the autorikshaw driver…the vehicle in question KA03B-1281 apparently a rented?(I doubt) travel taxi being used by the Indiranagar(?) RTO folks.

So much for law enforcement in this city.

Obviously in this country we know that the authorities can get away with anything….how would this stand in the court of law? Is it possible for an RTO vehicle to stop a vehicle to do pollution check without any sort of equipment to measure the same and then fine the driver for not adhering to the pollution limits….all the while breaking the law themselves?


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