Special course for Depression in Chicago Area

An announcement from today’s AOL mailing list:

We are happy to announce the first ever Special Course in Depression in the  Chicagoland area. October 20-29, 2005. The Saturday and Sunday course will  be from 9-1PM. Weekdays from 7-10 PM. The teacher is Ms. Pam Brockman. The course will most  likely be held in the Evanston area. People with mild, chronic, or severe depression are encouraged to take this course.

People with bipolar disorder who are keenly interested may participate with their physician’s permission. It is rarely taught in the US. 
Non Art of Living people are welcome! We want to be of assistance to anyone  who can possibly benefit from Guruji’s beautiful Sudarshan Kriya technique. Mention  the fascinating depression research study results to your physicians and friends: www.artofliving.org/research . Please contact Ms. Pam Brockman at pambrockman<at>comcast.net to register or for more detailed course information. Alternatively, contact  Smita Desai at smitabdesai <at> hotmail.com for the same.
Wishing you all happiness and health.


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