Rehearsal & Practice

David Anderson emphasizes the need for practice and rehearsal in his recent post:

I wonder how many other aspects of software engineering need
rehearsal. How often do we create situations for software engineers to
rehearse their actions? How many times in your career has your employer
sent you on a boot camp? How many times do you get to build one to
"throw away"? Rehearsal is all about being in a position to react
appropriately under pressure. It’s the basis for cool heads. How many
times do software teams get in to trouble and then react in a panic and
make the wrong choices, the wrong decision – decisions that make the
situation worse.

Uncertainty is out there. We need to train software developers to
anticipate it and react calmly when it happens. We need to rehearse

The industry does not train software engineers by creating real life situations. Most of the training is canned. The only resource that I know of that creates real life situation in their bootcamp is out here. Does anyone know of any other resources?


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