Take up the offer

It is a city that has gone to dogs….13 years back when I moved in, it was an awesome city to be in….then somewhere around ’97 the party started….companies started trickling in and people started relocating in….so far so good…except that the Govt wants the party to end now.

There is no doubt that the infrastructure is in shambles, the roads haven’t been relaid for years now, the power supply continues to be erratic and the less said about those in charge of Governance the better. And today I wasn’t in the least surprised to read what the BCC Commissioner had to say to the IT folks yesterday (sorry couldn’t find a URL for this…this is on page 2 of TOI dated 17th Sep 2005):

By 5 pm today, I will hand over the cheque of BCC’s 50 per cent contribution. You raise your portion of the
money and start the road works.’’
BCC commissioner K Jothiramalingam re p o r t e d ly threw a f r i e n d ly
challenge to the IT bigwigs to handle the responsibility, at
the closed-door empowered committee meeting on Thursday,.
   Jothiramalingam is believed to have suggested that road
upgradation work should be taken up on public-private partnership to ensure the
deadline is met, besides stating that the project cost be shared by BCC and

Those who have dealt with the folks in Govt. – be it the local BESCOM guy or the police constable – can identify with this mentality very well, so let us not take it further. The analogy is sufficient to draw out what I am saying. But I seriously think, that it is time the IT industry take up this offer seriously. Raise and pay the 100% of funds and in return ask Mr. Jothiramalingam to leave his chair and hand over the reigns to the folks in this committee. I am sure a lot of us would willingly share this burden when we know that the money raised would go to meet the infrastructure needs and not fill some contractor/babu’s pockets.


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