Back to the routine of day to day existence after spending the best Navaratri of my life at the Art of Living Ashram. The first five days were spent in silence during the Advanced course and it was an awesome feeling to go into silence and coming out of silence along with the Guruji.

The advanced course had over 1000 people from all over the world attending and I typically hate crowds and my mind was chattering away about the number of people in the Ashram, number of people with whom I had to share my room with, the crowded vishalakshi mantap and so on. To top I was unwell going into the course.

It was quite interesting to observe that the mind which was chattering away and complaining about all the small stuff….suddenly seemed to move into a different plane altogether and the complaints, aches, pains vanished.

And the Navaratri celebrations! What do I write about them? One has to be present physically to soak into the celebrative atmosphere…so many Homas, Yagyas, Puja and the awesome satsangs every night!

And the physical presence of Sri Sri himself!

I honestly did not want these nine days to end!


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