Deluge in Bangalore

The rains opened up in the city – a mere 158 mm in the last three days going by media reports – and look what happens?

  • Half the city is under water – mostly the so called "hi-tech" areas of HSR layout, Koramangala, Bannerghatta Road, Whitefield, Sarjapur etc.
  • The Hosur Road that goes from the city to the Electronic City where Infy, Wipro and the likes have their offices is flooded; the traffic police forced to divert traffic via Bannerghatta and Anekal towards the Electronic City
  • Garbage lies uncleared in the city – apparently the compost site where they deposit the garbage is on Hosur Road.
  • Houses flooded, no clean drinking water in many areas
  • Apparently one of the IT companies incurred heavy damage to the tune of 50crores, when water flooded it’s premises on Hosur Road.
  • Lakes in the city are overflowing into the residential areas.
  • Traffic by and large is crawling everywhere across the city

A few links are here: via Deccanherald, Times of India,

I wrote this when the Tsunami struck the nation and I repeat it now – "we break every conceivable rule in the book", what I didn’t add that time and would do now is that not only we do that but as we put our self interest over everything else. So when a builder encroaches the dry area of the lake or the storm water drain, we turn a blind eye. When Builders violate bye laws and build more floor area we not only turn a blind area, we pay premium price to buy that apartment. When a rule comes in our way, we do the thing that we are best at – grease hands so that our papers keep moving. I can go on…but of what use would it be?

The storm water system in the city has virtually disappeared. The surrounding lakes where the water used to flow into, have all being encroached upon and have swanky offices (incidentally one of them is flooded) and apartments built upon them.

So, why crib when the water has no outlet to flow towards? It is only but natural that it will flow towards the low lying areas of the city.

The less said about the Govt. existence the better.

The drama, the blame game, the compensation game, asking central Govt for assistance, blaming the IT companies for rain and water clogging will start from tomorrow…so don’t forget to read the newspapers.

Meanwhile, let us all watch a city heading down south and let’s not shed a tear. We get the Government we deserve. And we deserve nothing better than what we have now. 

Meanwhile dear readers, take a few precautions for the short term:

  • Boil your drinking water; avoid eating from outside.
  • Keep a few candles and match boxes handy. Don’t know if the power would stay if it continues to pour like this.
  • Don’t drive on the roads that you are unfamiliar with, you never know if a road does indeed exist below that flooded road

And for the long term, think again if you would still want to buy an apartment in that high rise in those hi-tech areas where your car would lie buried in 8 feet deep water?


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