Here’s the money to bomb us

Atanu Dey on where the charity aid to Pakistan could be headed. I totally agree with what Atanu writes out here.

Let’s be clear about this. India is a generous country. It sent US$5
million to help the US with the recovery post Katrina. Now it is giving
$25 million to a country which is buying 80 F16s from the US. The cost
of these F16s would feed, clothe, educate, and entertain hundreds of
thousands of impoverished Pakistanis. Instead, Pakistan is spending
scarce resources and starving its own people just so that India can be
bombed if the need arose in the near future. And just to help the
Pakistanis out with their avowed goal of destroying India, India is
sending them a $25 million check!

I can’t imagine whose idea is this and what purpose is this going to serve? There are several hundred other ways of helping people apart from going and handing over cash to a rogue nation whose only purpose of existence seems to be that of destroying my country. Is there a way to file a PIL to stop this madness?

Meanwhile I chose to stay away from crackers and other kind of celebrations and chose to light more lamps in the memory of those innocent victims who passed away in the bombing.


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