The Art of Living Silver Jubilee Celebrations – Lessons in PM?

  • The scale: 2.5 million visitors over a period of 3 days.
  • Venue: Approx 300 acres at Jakkur Airfield in Bangalore.
  • Days to go: 28

An event of this scale has not been attempted before. I wish I had time to take off from work and volunteer on some of the activities.  I also wish I could take time out to write about the lessons in bringing together an event of such scale to life! Imagine what Project Management lessons I could learn from here!

The event is open to all. So if you are in and around Bangalore, do drop in for the event.

Meanwhile, the 15 days stint at the Art of Living Ashram, seems to have done me a whole lot of good. The practices (pranayam’s, Sudarshan Kriya and meditation) seems to have acquired a whole new dimesion altogether – it is kind of difficult to put it in words, it is like the quality of practices have improved and seem to have gone much more deeper. I also seem to have acquired a new practice of being much more aware of what I am doing. My wife – Meena – feels that I seem to have become much more calmer, more still and relaxed.


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