Back to the routine

Finally life returns back to routine! Months of preparation,
anticipation, hard work, meetings and more meetings….the three days of
the event went off in the
blink of an eye. And I woke up with a vaccum on Monday morning. All
along we were so immersed in the build up to the event, it was almost
like we were having a wedding in the family! Two weeks prior to the
event I had moved into a routine of working from 7.30 to 3.30 and
taking the evenings off for the preparation of the event.
The media has written much about the event and I have nothing else to
say on the same, except for one thing. Our politicians can’t deliver a
speech to save
their lives – and mercifully the Hon. President does not belong to this
category. He delivered a great speech in his own unique style.


other speeches that I liked were from the King of Ghana (still trying
to locate the transcript) and a gentleman from the Middle East, who
stood up and gave a 1 minute speech that was received with thunderous

"My name is Hashim,but it doesn’t matter… I come from
Saudi Arabia, that doesn’t matter
either. The question I ask is, ‘Why am I here?’… and I have two answers
— I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. Mind, please shut up and let
me enjoy. We don’t need reasons to love each other.”

For me personally, the highlight of the event was the 25 minutes of
meditation on Saturday. A beautiful silence descended on the 250 acres
of Jakkur airfield as Guruji led us into meditation. Millions of people sat there with their eyes
closed, looking within themselves. It was delightful and then when we
opened our eyes, the whole airfield was soaked in beautiful moonlight!
What magic! What a moment! It will stay with me for the rest of my
life!Meanwhile, Rediff has a beautiful interview with Guruji here.


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