Week of 5th March

An emergency in the family saw me spend the first three days of this week at Pune. I was visiting Pune after almost 6 years. While most of time was spent in Jehangir Hospital, I carry a few impressions:

  • The city has an abudance of green cover – at least in the Cant side
  • Roads are as bad as the ones in Bangalore if not worse.
  • I thought there was a boom in housing in Bangalore. Pune would put Bangalore to shame. The only billboards right through the city were only of new apartments coming up.
  • The city seems to be sprawling in all directions. I made a quick visit to Hinjewadi IT Park and was amused to find corn fields enroute to the IT Park. The next days paper carried an article of farmers protesting against the land acquisition for phase 3 of the IT park.
  • Auto drivers drive by the meter and show the rate card. I didn’t have to round the fare up to the next 10 rupee in contrast to my experience in Bangalore.
  • The shrewberry biscuits from Kayani bakery on East Rd(or is it street) are awesome!

And lastly I came back with a very good impression of the hospital, their doctors and especially the support staff. Having seen enough hospitals – both Govt owned and private – in my life in Hyderabad and Bangalore, this one was a refreshing change.


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