The Story behind the IdeaBook!

I honestly don’t remember, how I landed at “” website! A very interesting book with 150 pages about ideas and another 150 pages to note down your own ideas! I downloaded the sample and was blown away! Just the thought of owning this book gave me goosebumps! I sent an email a few weeks back and in the daily grind of things forgot about the email that I sent.

A week back Teo Härén – CEO of The Ideabook, wrote apologizing for the delay in responding to my email and offered to send me not one, but two copies of the IdeaBook free of charge including shipping! This gesture really touched my heart! It wasn’t really a big deal, people take time to respond to emails and here I was just dropping in a note expressing my interest in the book.

Just goes to shows the kind of character and integrity that Teo has!

The books arrived today and I am waiting to lay my hands on them! Meanwhile, I did my bit, by sending Teo a copy of Celebrating Silence! I hope she (my mistake) he likes it as much as I do!

Also do take a minute to visit – another company which Teo runs!

Thanks Teo! I am delighted to have crossed paths with you and known such a genuine person!


2 thoughts on “The Story behind the IdeaBook!

  1. well i wrote to Teo and was erased off the list of subscriptions because the ideabook people has had problems with mailing it in the US.
    I wish I could lay my hands on that free book myself. I think some one has a debt to pay back…remember the book of poems and the bk by Quindlen which i almost lost?
    I also think that Ms.Teo googled one mister raj waghray and considering his aspirations/inspirations not to mention the niranjani itself (which lists all the former)she (i did not not know that teo is a she) thought it well worth the publicity…
    compare googling Hema Malini and raj waghray- what are the odds that Hema Malini will be gifted a book???

    the only maasi

  2. Maasi! Well, the probability of you getting a gift looks as likely as Sachin Tendulkar hitting a century! Not after you leave comments like this!

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