The fascinating world of books

I have been fortunate or blessed to have the ability or means to pursue knowledge. While one can devour books and learn from others experience, true knowledge dawns only by the grace of a Guru. To a lot of you out there, this may seem like mumbo-jumbo, but some of the experiential truths cannot be put into words. Having said that, this posting is about the former – knowledge devoured by books. And I have plenty of them.

I buy them on the basis of what I have read on the net, on recommendation by colleagues or friends and a lot just on the basis of looks 🙂

While reading, I occassionally tag, underline, make notes on the books, most of the times, the books are as new as when I bought them. Over several posts in the coming months, I intend to share with you, what I liked about the book, how it helped me, excerpts from the books and so on.

But first let us take a peek into my bookshelf.


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