Science unravels Spirituality

Code Name God by Mani Bhaumik –  is the latest edition to my bookshelf. I picked this up after reading a review in DeccanHerald. I breezed through the first half of the book pretty easily. When Mani gets gets into the later part of the book where he deep dives into physics to get his point across, I lost him. Now wait before you jump to conclusion, this book is brilliantly written. It is my lack of understanding of physics that has had me derailed. It is an opportunity to go back to the subject and get some funda' cleared. 

This book has received rave reviews from the Indian press and they are not off the mark.

Indian Express writes:

 This spiritual odyssey is intense in its drama and deeply revealing in its insight.Mani has a gift for explaining philosophy, cosmology and quantum physics in terms that anyone can understand. He weaves science and spirituality together to show their common thread – that a unified field of consciousness underlies all of Creation.

The Hindu Businessline writes:

Meet Mani Bhaumik, one of the pioneers of laser technology that made Lasik laser eye surgery possible. He is on a mission — after making "people see better with their eyes, I now want to help them see better with their mind."

Mani writes extensively about consciousness and meditation. One statement that resonates with me is when Mani writes: "Once you get a taste of the experience, you will know for sure that an innocuos process like meditation can bring a profound change in the quality of your life." I can vouch for this!


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