View life in the context of death

When someone young, someone close to you passes away, the reality of what life is dawns. As we get engrossed in the daily humdrum of life, fighting petty battles, chasing the next hike, promotion, car, house…, death puts everything in perspective. Life is too short, too fragile, too precious to be wasted in irrelevant, meaningless pursuits.

I have been trying to remember my last meeting with Vishal and for some reason I am not able to remember whether we had met for lunch or was it the drive back home when he was in Bangalore. Irrespective, It just goes to show that I didn't invest my 100% attention in either of those two situations. Conversations – unfinished, unsaid words…..come back to haunt you over and over again.

I met Guruji two weeks back….it was such a solace to hear him….words can't describe it. The knowledge, the practices, the sadhana that we have had been doing as part of the follow up in Art of Living helped me and my wife to a large extent to cope.

For those who are reading this, my only request is to view life in the context of your own death. This is not to turn morbid or fearful. Just to be aware of the impermanance of our own lives and then to give your 100% to everyone and everything around you.


3 thoughts on “View life in the context of death

  1. This is a wonderful post. It is a classic sentiment, but cannot be said to often. Certainly, self-centered-ness is a bleak path to depression. Thank you.

  2. No Doubt Guruji picks us up before we fall into a ditch! This is another experience I have read other than my own experience 🙂

    Let Guruji Bless all of us..
    Joy Gurudev!

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