Shut up!

Yet another act of of war, courtesy our dear neighbour!
A few hundred died.

A few hundred injured! Hundreds of family members & friends ruined and scarred for ever!

For the media, it was a show of one-upmanship! 7/11(nauseating!) “We broke the story!” “Images that are being telecasted are from my studio!” “Let us Light candles”

The rulers are immune from the rest of the society, they have all the security in the world that they need, have a demonic gift to spit forth platitudes! And use someone’ else’s misery as an occassion for photoshoots!

An insensitive media that thrusts cameras in front of mourners and an equally insensitive lot of politicians who chose the most inappropriate moment to visit hospitals and bring everything to halt. Aha the platitudes – “Appeal for calm!” “We will break the backbone of terrorism!” “No-one can make us kneel” “We salute the spirit of Mumbai” “Jobs for those injured”, “Compensation”….A 3rd rate media that gets 3rd rate bollywood poets and actresses who want to derive their own mileage and publicity!

Fast forward 10 days later…a commission of enquiry, some more empty talk, some politicking…a month later media has new story to cover…and a few months later….no one will even remember……the story, the photographs, the videos all will be archived…till the next incident happens.


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